Caleb Rykaczewski Awarded 2021 NAAB Doak Graduate Fellowship

National Association of Animal Breeders

The National Association of Animal Breeders is pleased to announce Caleb Rykaczewski has been selected to receive the 2021  NAAB Doak Graduate Fellowship Award.

Caleb is the third recipient of the NAAB Doak Graduate Fellowship and impressed the selection committee with his enthusiasm for male bovine reproductive physiology. Caleb will earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from The Ohio State University in Мау 2021. His personal ambition is to research novel on-animal sensor technology to study behaviors in  bull calves and breeding bulls to improve reproductive performance. Caleb will continue his MS program at Ohio State.

Caleb did not grow up on а farm. Instead, he conquered а steep learning curve and learned everything he knows about cattle production and

reproduction from his coursework and research in the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State. Caleb’s fresh perspectives on the industry set him apart from the other Fellowship finalists. In addition to finishing his Bachelor’s degree, Caleb has been active as the Vice President of the Animal Sciences Community Alliance and serving as а teaching assistant for courses in Animal Sciences. Caleb has extensive international experience completing two programs of study in Queensland, Australia and Scotland studying the effects and challenges of local есо- and animal production systems.  However, Caleb’s passion is to study bovine reproductive physiology.

Тhе NAAB Doak Graduate Fellowship is а unique opportunity for individuals planning to pursue а career in the bovine genetic improvement industry to earn а Master of Science degree  in bovine genetics or bovine male reproduction physiology. The fellowship was established to develop talent with the technical and management competencies as needed by the future cattle industry. As such, the award is intended for individuals who have long term aspirations in the genetic improvement industry as exemplified by Dr. Gordon Doak, who dedicated 42 years to developing NAAB programs. “Given his interests and strong drive, we are excited to witness what Mr. Rykaczewski will contribute to our industry’ states Jay Weiker, President and  СЕО of NAAB. “We are thrilled to add Mr. Rykaczewski to the already outstanding list of Fellowship recipients and are even more pleased that he has chosen to conduct research in the field of  male reproduction.”

NAAB is the national trade association for artificial insemination businesses. NAAB members  account for about 95% of dairy and beef semen sold in the USA and market semen to more than 100 countries around the world.

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