Cattle Genetics & Sire Selection 101

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Free webinar will be held Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 from 7:00pm-8:00pm

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County will be hosting a free webinar, Cattle Genetics & Sire Selection 101, on Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 from 7:00pm-8:00pm. Veterans and Military families are welcome and encouraged to attend!

This introductory online class, through zoom, will go over the basics of beef & dairy cattle genetics, how to read and understand a genetic analysis and select sires with desirable traits, based on farm preferences. Participants will learn the practical and economic benefits of selecting sires with favorable genetics, as well as ensure their animals reach their full genetic potential.

This program was created and will be instructed by Gabby Wormuth, the Dairy & Livestock Specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson and Lewis counties.

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