CDCB 2018 Summer Internships

Subject: CDCB Internship in Dairy Cattle Research


The work opportunity provided for dairy or animal science students will include learning and using research techniques to analyze dairy cattle genetics and management data. The work to be performed on location in Prince Georges County of Maryland is to benefit the mission of both the Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) and USDA’s Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory (AGIL). The two organizations have a long history of performing quality research and publishing the findings as evident by six members of their staff1 having been recipients of the J. L. Lush Award in Animal Breeding from the American Dairy Science Association and/or the National Association of Animal Breeders’ Research Award. Five of those are still employed.

Primary missions of the CDCB is to maintain the national dairy database plus calculate and verify accuracy of the genetic evaluations for the U.S. dairy industry. The primary mission of AGIL is to perform genetic and management research and develop the genetic evaluation methodology to be used by the CDCB. Much of the group’s research is in support of genomic prediction, so exposure to this topic is expected. The student can expect to receive research exposure in several other areas as well.

The student will work a 40-hour week from Monday to Friday, primarily in an office environment. Weekly communication meetings are held at CDCB and AGIL and joint meetings periodically between the two organizations to exchange information on research activities and coordinate operations. Staff at CDCB include geneticists Joao Durr, Ezequiel Nicolazzi, Duane Norman, Kristen Parker-Gaddis, Kaori Tokuhisa, and George Wiggans. Geneticists or Animal Scientists at AGIL are John Cole, Suzanne Hubbard, Jana Hutchison, Daniel Null, Melvin Tooker, Curt Van Tassell, and Paul VanRaden, plus visiting scientists.


The internship will be tailored to satisfy the interest of the student and the needs of the staff. The student will become involved in one or more projects in an area which is a priority focus of the CDCB’s and AGIL’s research effort. The student will work with one or more staff members to plan, conduct, and summarize their projects. At the end of the summer, the student will prepare an oral or written report summarizing their internship achievements.


This program is available to dairy or animal science students in their junior, senior, or graduate study program. Students have the option to register (or not) for college credit at their home institution. Students are responsible for making arrangements for credits if they so choose. Their 2018 program can begin in May or June and run through the summer. The student’s wage during the internship is $775 per week2. The students will arrange for his/her own housing although the CDCB staff can assist in providing contacts.


Applicants should have the following sent to Joao Durr, Chief Executive Officer, Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding, One Town Center, 4201 Northview Drive, Suite 302, Bowie, MD 20716, Phone: 240-334-4164: Ext. 331.

  • Biographical information (1-2 pages)
  • A copy of their college transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable)
  • Two letters of support including one from a college advisor or department instructor.
  • Letter outlining career goals and reasons for applying; include any research experience or computer software skills you might have.

The CDCB offer equal employment opportunities without discrimination.

1 ADSA J. L. Lush Award Recipients:  H. Duane Norman (1995), George R. Wiggans (1996), Rex L. Powell (1997), Paul M. VanRaden (2000), Curtis P. Van Tassell (2012), and John B. Cole (2015). NAAB Research Award Recipients:  H. Duane Norman (1993), Rex L. Powell (1994), George R. Wiggans (1996), Paul M. VanRaden (2002), and Curtis P. Van Tassell (2014).

2Could be more, depending on qualifications.