CDCB Welcomes New Directors

Robert Fourdraine
Paul Hunt

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) Board welcomed two new Directors at its April meeting.

Robert Fourdraine now represents the Dairy Records Processing Center sector. Fourdraine serves as Vice President, InfoLytics for AgSource Cooperative Services, Verona, Wis.

The new representative for the AI sector is Paul Hunt, who is Chief Executive Officer, PEAK, of the URUS Group, Madison, Wis.

Additionally, Susan Lee of Idaho DHI joined the Board in March to represent Dairy Records Providers. Corey Geiger was re-elected to represent the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association.


Rounding out the Board:

  • Chair: Neal Smith, American Jersey Cattle Association
  • Vice Chair: Jay Weiker, National Association of Animal Breeders
  • Secretary: Dan Sheldon, Woody Hill Farm
  • Treasurer: John Clay, Dairy Records Management System
  • Lee Day, Amelicor
  • Jay Mattison, National Dairy Herd Information Association
  • Katie Olson, ABS Global
  • Lindsay Worden, Holstein Association USA

The CDCB Board of Directors provides direction for continuous improvement of U.S. dairy genetics and CDCB services.  The 12-person Board of Directors is composed of three representatives from each of the four sectors – National Association of Animal Breeders, Dairy Records Processing Centers, Dairy Records Providers and Purebred Dairy Cattle Association.


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