CDFA’s Centennial: 1919-2019

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has reached a milestone: 2019 is our centennial year, the 100th anniversary of the Legislature’s decision to establish the protection and promotion of agriculture as necessary and important for our state’s success.

The generations of farmers who have worked the land over the past century have achieved remarkable success. CDFA’s challenge has often been to keep pace with – and in many cases to encourage – the progress driven by these innovators. We protect farms and the larger California environment from pests and diseases that would pose a risk to the food supply, to our plants and pets and livestock, and to our citizens. We help maintain a fair and efficient marketplace, both for consumers and for our farmers and ranchers and the many businesses that serve and support this great industry. We invest in research, demonstration projects and the development and deployment of key on-farm innovations that keep our growers on the cutting edge of agriculture.

CDFA’s centennial provides an excellent opportunity to take stock of these achievements as well as the goals and aspirations that lead our focus ever forward. Keep watching this blog for examples. This is a fitting time to honor the innovative nature of our California farmers and ranchers, who show the nation and the world what is possible – and it’s also a chance to acknowledge the value of steady leadership, collaborative progress, and a bright future.

Happy 100th, CDFA!


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