Checkoff Leaders Discuss How Collaboration is Key to Industry Success

In the newest episode of Dairy On the Air, host Lucas Lentsch joins fellow CEOs Chad Vincent, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Doug Ackerman, Dairy Alliance, to discuss how their collaborative approach to guiding the work of checkoff is resulting in stronger alignment with national, regional and local objectives to move the industry forward.

During the half-hour conversation, the leaders share how they address opportunities and challenges specific to their regions–with Dairy Alliance covering eight southeastern states and Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin representing dairy farmers in the north, these are quite different across the board–while also working with other state and regional dairy councils and Dairy Management, Inc. to ensure they deliver on their dairy farmers’ entire checkoff investment.

Tune in to listen to them discuss what they are doing to build trust in dairy farming and boost sales. Specifically, they talk about the importance of listening to both their board of directors and their local dairy farmer communities, finding relevance with consumers and exploring product innovation. They also share the joy which comes with their positions as well as the talented staffs they employ.



Dairy on the Air is a monthly podcast—hosted by Lucas Lentsch, Midwest Dairy CEO, and produced by Midwest Dairy—that features relevant conversations impacting the dairy community. Find all episodes online at or on podcast platforms including iTunes, iHeartRadio. Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and more.

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