Click here to support Doug DeGroff Family Fund organized by Patrick Klitz

Doug and his family are in need of our prayers and our support!  While on his farm outside Tulare, CA on November 3, 2018, Doug suffered a stroke while driving his ATV.  He crashed into an irrigation canal and sustained severe physical trauma. He has a punctured lung, several broken ribs, lacerations to his head and broke his back in seven places.

Many people in the Tulare/Visalia area know Doug and his family (Alison; Drew, Luke & Makenna) and many more know Doug from his involvement in the dairy industry and his work to educate people about the dangers of bunker silos after his accident in 2009.

This fund was started as a way for all those who wish to support the DeGroff family during this most difficult time. The road to recovery will be LONG (…and painful) and we are unsure of the needs that may arise.

Please contribute whatever amount you can to help Doug and his family.


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