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Two of nearly 2,000 Organic Valley family farms nationwide featured this weekend

What makes organic farms special? Just ask the Teague family of Reedy Fork Farm and the Lindley family of Lindale Organic Dairy – they’re two of nearly 2,000 Organic Valley family farms nationwide who are committed to raising good food in a way that takes care of our animals, the planet, our families and yours. You have a chance to visit both at this year’s Piedmont Farm Tour.



Reedy Fork Farm
On George and Cherry Teague’s 500-acre farm in Elon, organic was not always the order of things. “We were a typical conventional operation,” George says, “which means we were constantly trying to boost production, going into more debt to do that, and doing all the work for our cows.” But things have changed, and the farm has been certified organic since 2007.

“I’m sold on the idea that grazing is the backbone of the farm,” George says. And what is important to George – your Organic Valley farmer producing the food – is also important to consumers who eat the food, as over 80% purchase organic. Yes, you’ve read that right, and perhaps you’re one of them.

Come visit the Teague’s at Reedy Fork Farm to learn how a working feed mill and dairy farm operates daily as 100% organic, shake and make butter from scratch, and get to know your local Organic Valley farmers.

Don’t forget to bring a cooler with you to take home a sample of organic beef and a dozen eggs!

Lindale Organic Dairy

Like the Teague’s, Neill and Cori Lindley of Lindale Organic Dairy also began as a conventional dairy and crop operation. It was Neill Lindley’s cousin, Sammy, who farmed nearby, who introduced him to the good things that were going on in organic agriculture, things Sammy had learned after touring organic farms with George Teague. Sammy was dying of cancer at the time, but as sick as he was, he felt it was important to tell Neill everything he’d seen and learned about this “new” kind of farming. Now, the Lindley’s have been farming organically for 13 years.

“Each day we see a new blessing in working with nature instead of against it,” Neill says. And the natural balance of things is certainly evident on the Lindley’s farm. Come see for yourself!

Visit Lindale Organic Dairy, a fifth-generation dairy farm in Snow Camp, Chatham County, on the Piedmont Farm Tour, to learn more about holistic farm management practices such as rotational grazing, the importance of diversity in both plants and animals, and the relationship between microorganisms and soil health. While there, you can get up close and personal with baby cows and goats, walk with cows as they graze, view the milking facilities, and make your own butter.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to get to know your local Organic Valley farmers at Lindale and Reedy Fork.

Visit Organic Valley’s website to learn more about their co-op business structure, the farmers who own the business, and where to buy their products.



In addition to Lindale and Reedy Fork, we have five other dairy farms on the 2019 Piedmont Farm Tour. They are:

For a more comprehensive description of these dairy farms (or any of the 33 others on this year’s tour), please visit our 2019 Interactive Tour Map or farm tour brochure.

And remember, ticket prices go up on the day of the tour, so now is the time to buy your pass for the 2019 Piedmont Farm Tour this weekend!

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