CMAB Dairy Princess representatives announced

CA Milk Advisory Board welcomed 2018-2019 class of Dairy Princess representatives

From left to right: Sarah Kiser, District 3 Second Alternate; Jeanette Furlong, District 3 Dairy Princess; Megan Binford, District 3 First Alternate; Kiera Searcy, District 7 First Alternate; Jolene Simas, District 7 Dairy Princess; Annabelle Raven, District 1 Second Alternate; Madeline Holmes, District 1 Dairy Princess; Austynn Gallagher, District 1 First Alternate; Elizabeth Martin, District 8 First Alternate; Monserrat Vazquez, District 8 Dairy Princess; Emily Bavaro, District 8 Dairy Princess; Hannah Gonzalez, Distict 4 First Alternate; Grazia Machado, District 4 Dairy Princess; Tessa Flournoy, District 4 Second Alternate; Sophia Vander Dussen, District 6 Dairy Princess; Caroline Lee, District 6 First Alternate; Jenna Koetsier, District 9 Second Alternate; Kaylee Faria, District 9 Dairy Princess; and Lindsay Mendonca, District 9 First Alternate. (Photo by Stephanie Baker Photography; Courtesy California Milk Advisory Board)

TRACY, Calif. — The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) recently welcomed the 2018-2019 class of Dairy Princess representatives for a three-day session to launch their year of service as California dairy industry advocates. Nineteen Dairy Princesses and Alternates from Districts 1 to 9 attended the Dairy Princess Training in July where they learned presentation and public speaking skills, etiquette and social media tips and an overview of industry programs and issues.

The 2018-2019 California Dairy Princess Class includes:

District                                   Contest Results                              

District 1 Dairy Princess Madeline Holmes, Ferndale

First Alternate Austynn Gallagher, Eureka

Second Alternate Dairy Princess Annabelle Raven, Fortuna

District 3 Dairy Princess Jeanette Furlong, Petaluma

First Alternate Dairy Princess Megan Binford, Novato

Second Alternate Dairy Princess Sarah Kiser, Sonoma

District 4 Dairy Princess Grazia Machado, Orland

First Alternate Dairy Princess Hannah Gonzalez, Hamilton City

Second Alternate Dairy Princess Tessa Flournoy, Orland

District 5 Dairy Princess Emily Bavaro, Escalon

District 6 Dairy Princess Sophia Vander Dussen, El Nido

First Alternate Dairy Princess Caroline Lee, Modesto

District 7 Dairy Princess Jolene Simas, Hanford

First Alternate Dairy Princess Kiera Searcy, Hanford

District 8 Dairy Princess Monserrat Vazquez, Riverdale

First Alternate Dairy Princess Elizabeth Martin, Fresno

District 9 Dairy Princess Kaylee Faria, Visalia

First Alternate Dairy Princess Lindsay Mendonca, Tulare

Second Alternate Dairy Princess Jenna Koetsier, Tulare


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