Co-op Leader Talk Exports/Offers Recommendations to Improve Dairy Economics

California Dairies’ Andrei Mikhalevsky testifies at House Ag Sub-Committee hearing

On Apr. 30, the House Ag Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture held a hearing on the state of the dairy industry.  Five industry figures including two dairy producers, a university professor, an organizational leader (also a producer) and cooperative CEO offered thoughtful and articulate testimony.  In future editions, we will be carrying the details each presented, beginning this time with Mikhalevsky’s testimony.  Hearing details can be found here



He emphasized the crucial importance of dairy exports to the U.S. industry, expressing concern that the U.S. has not completed and passed a new trade deal in over a decade.  Meanwhile, he says our trading competitors in Europe and Oceania are reaching agreements with most Asian countries where demand is growing.

To improve the business climate for U.S. dairy farms, he advocates for new and fair trade deals putting the U.S. on a level playing field.  He urges the adoption of the higher solids fluid milk, the “California standards” and reform the Federal Milk Marketing Program to more quickly and accurately determine market pricing.

Here is the complete transcript of his submitted testimony.

Mikhalevsky - Ag Committee Testimony (PDF)


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