Coaching Tip: A People-Focused New Year’s Resolution

Bob Milligan Dairy Strategies

Dr. Bob Milligan
Bob Milligan, Dairy Strategies

Research show that most New Year’s Resolutions are broken. Therefore, I encourage you to make ONE people-focused goal for 2019 and then MEET THAT GOAL. The following are suggested resolutions to choose from:

  • Attend a leadership or supervision course or workshop, then use what you learned. This should be a day-long or preferable a multi-session course or workshop taught by someone well-versed in 21st century concepts of supervision and/or leadership. It need not be agriculturally focused; it not, it is better if the focus is family or small business. An event focused toward manager and leaders of large corporate business will have the correct topics but seem less applicable. The Success for Supervisors curriculum described in the right margin is one possibility.
  • Prepare for and hold a "stay meeting" with each of your employees. This is not a traditional annual performance appraisal. The focus is on the future including increased responsibilities and career opportunities for the employee. The outcomes should be an updated job description including a section on "new and increasing responsibilities," a plan for continuing learning, and a more engaged employee.
  • Make a commitment to be a better listener. Remember that listening is an active, not a passive, task. Developing a habit of pausing to collect your thoughts before responding is a great way to improve communication.
  • Improve the quantity and quality of the feedback you provide to partners and employees. Like listening, providing feedback needs to become a habit. Quality feedback requires that the type of feedback fit the performance or behavior. Remember that there are three types of feedback, not two; positive for good performance and behavior; redirection for unacceptable performance or behavior when the employee was not at fault; and negative as a last resort when the unacceptable performance or behaviors was clearly due to the employee's effort, motivation, actions, etc.

I would be remiss if I did not indicate that every one of these ideas is important to great employee performance and engagement. I hope that you improve some in each; however, I strongly encourage you to select one to focus on and complete.

Full steam ahead.

Bob is with Dairy Strategies.  Contact him at and 651 647-0495

"No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself (herself) or get all of the credit for doing it."

- Andrew Carnegie


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