Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets seeks input from dairy farmers

Commissioner Richard A. Ball, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

The NYS Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets is interested in hearing from NY dairy farmers regarding the status of the dairy industry and their ideas as to improvements that could be made to various programs and institutions that impact the financial environment of dairy markets. The survey will remain open until December 3, 2018.


Thank you for your commitment and contribution to producing dairy in New York State.

As you know, we have seen tremendous growth in the production of milk over the last couple of years, ranking New York as #3 in milk production in the nation. This increase in production creates an opportunity for us to work collaboratively to better understand New York consumers and to collectively brand our dairy products as world-class, with our shared goal of increasing consumption of all dairy products in New York.

We have created the following anonymous survey as a forum to share thoughts on what such an effort might look like. As this survey is anonymous, we will not have the ability to track who responds to the survey. The survey is expected to take a short time to complete but you will have up to 120+ days to complete it. The survey will close at midnight on 12/31/18 and once complete the results will be summarized and thereafter presented to the Milk Marketing Advisory Council. The summarized results will also be available for you to view at any time from our website.

Thank you for your continued commitment to New York State’s Dairy Industry!

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