Commodity Marketing to Consumer Marketing is a Big Shift for Smaller Dairy Farms

DairyVoice Podcast

Michael and Jennifer Turley of Rolling Lawns Farm in Greenville, Illinois.

Fourth generation dairyman Michael Turley has launched a premium line of dairy products from his 120-cow Registered Holstein herd in southern Illinois. After a career culminating as CEO of one of the largest agriculture advertising agencies in the U.S., he came home to the farm with his family, using his marketing savvy to reach consumers in exciting new ways.

In DairyVoice podcast 22, Michael talks with Joel Hastings of DairyBusiness News about how he ties his registered holstein business with the consumer milk buyer. He explains that this is the secret to his strategy. Turley says that they connect with consumers as animal lovers. He feels that understanding the lens through which the consumer is interpreting the dairy industry is of vital importance to the dairy producer, especially the smaller dairy farm. And, that it is vital that dairy professionals understand that most consumers are viewing dairy cows through the experience of their companion animal experience.

Hear his inspiring story in episode 22 of DairyVoice through your favorite podcast provider. Or, you can listen below or at


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