Concept Ag develops liquid product to increase low soil potassium levels

Concept Ag announced today the development of a new liquid product called K-13 that helps plants metabolize nutrients and increases soil potassium levels.

“Potassium is a crucial component of plant nutrition and is the key to metabolism of nitrogen and other crucial nutrients,” said Concept Ag President Trey Curtis, “Using K-13 at the same time as nitrogen in a side-dress or y-drop application will make mid-to-late season nitrogen applications more effective.

“K-13 provides more flexibility than traditional dry potash applications,” Curtis explained.  “Because our product is a liquid, a much smaller amount K-13 per acre can provide the same equivalent units of available potassium as a much larger amount of dry potash.

“Liquid delivery also means you can target the row, where your crop is and not the middles, where your crop isn’t, reducing both cost and waste,” Curtis said.

Concept Ag is committed to finding solutions for farmers through the development of new innovative biological solutions and commercial agriculture fertilizers. We treat our farmers as partners, and seek to find long-term solutions that both improve soil health and are sustainable. To learn more about Concept Ag, please visit