Conference Addresses Major Issues Facing Dairy Farmers

LIC are encouraging all dairy farmers to attend their ‘Pasture for Profit’ conference, which will be held on the 16 October at Birmingham Airport Holiday Inn.

The conference will bring together a line-up of leading international experts, and UK speakers, to address the major issues facing today’s dairy farmers- including attracting and retaining staff, decision making in unpredictable times and farm succession.


In addition, the conference will look at ways in which to improve farm business management, particularly focussing on better grassland utilisation and soils management. The economics of once-a-day milking will also be discussed.

“Regardless of farming system, there are some universal issues affecting all dairy farmers in the UK (or Ireland),” says Timothy Bunnett, Sales Operations Manager, LIC Europe. “We are in uncertain times and investing in attending events such as this can be incredibly beneficial for your business planning. I want to urge farmers, farm managers and herdspersons to take this unique opportunity to listen to international experts, alongside leading UK farmers, and consider how they can adapt their business for a more profitable future.