Contrôles A-Tech Drummond becomes Valmetal Automation

The Valmetal Group announces that its control panel manufacturing division, Contrôles A-Tech Drummond, is changing its name to Valmetal Automation.

With automation experiencing significant growth in the agricultural industry, it is now strategic for the Valmetal Group to combine its products related to automation under the same brand.  This new visual identity supports the Valmetal Group’s goal of providing farmers with a complete solution for integrated feed and manure management systems.  The vision of providing a complete range of quality products adapted to the needs of farmers is the basis for all Valmetal product development.

The Valmetal Group includes six companies and 500 employees located both in Canada and the United States. The Group’s mission is to provide innovative and high-performance equipment to mechanize and automate the various tasks of feeding animals and manure handling.  A strong network of 250 dealers offering high quality equipment and responsive customer service throughout North America and in 25 countries around the world.


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