Corn Silage Harvest Considerations Podcast Series

Cornell CALS

Presented by Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY and Cornell Cooperative Extension

One can argue that IOFC (income over feed cost) begins when forage is delivered to the feed center – in this case,  the bunk. This podcast series delves into the practical considerations for corn silage harvest.  We start with a recap of the growing season in the first episode.  In subsequent episodes, we focus on the key practices for harvest, storage and preservation.


Episode 2 – Timing and Processing

Casey Havekes, CCE Regional Dairy Specialist, CCE NNY Team, interviews Margaret Quaassdorff, Regional Dairy Specialist, CCE NWNY Team and Joe Lawrence, Forage Management Specialist, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY.  Margaret and Joe discuss the importance of timing and whole plant dry mater, theoretical length of cut, and kernel processing.

Episode 3 – Monitoring and Preserving Quality

Betsy Hicks, Regional Dairy Specialist, CCE SCNY Dairy Team and  John Winchell, Territory Sales Representative, Alltech discuss why and how to take corn silage samples at harvest and feed out, mycotoxin considerations, best practices for inoculant use and maximizing the fermentation process.



Episode 4 – Filling and Packing

Devon Shelmidine from Sheland Farms in Jefferson County, NY, Ron Kuck, Dairy Educator, CCE Cayuga County and Joe Lawrence, Forage Management Specialist, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY discuss the nitty gritty of getting corn silage into the bunk, packed and covered to maximize forage quality.

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