Corn Silage Hybrid Evaluation Program

Corn hybrids entered into the New York and Vermont Corn Silage Hybrid Evaluation program have been planted for 2018. Once again we were very pleased with the support and participation in the program. A total of 77 hybrids were entered from 17 companies, a slight increase over 2017. Each hybrid is planted at three different locations across NY and VT.

Regional collaboration: We continue to work closely with our partners across the Northeast and are excited by the progress being made in the advances in corn silage evaluation coming from this collaboration.  In addition to our work with University of Vermont, Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania/Penn St. and Western New York Crop Management, we have begun collaborating with the University of Maine.

Location  Planting  Date
day RM
day RM
 Alburgh, VT  May 18  May 17
 Willsboro, NY  May 24
 Albion, NY  May 10
 Madrid, NY  May 9
 Aurora, NY  May 26