Cornell Study Shows Reduced Risk of Hypocalcemia for Cows Given X-Zelit®

Cows given Protekta’s X-Zelit in the close-up period experience reduced hypocalcemia, improved milk production, and increased conception rates.

A new study from Cornell University shows that cows supplemented with X-Zelit in the transition period experienced stabilized blood calcium numbers, resulting in improved milk production and conception rates. This addresses the risk of postpartum hypocalcemia (milk fever), which puts cows at greater risk for health disorders, decreased milk production, and poorer subsequent reproduction.

In the Cornell study, published in the Journal of Dairy Science® (Volume 102, Issue 6), 55 Holstein cows were assigned randomly to one of two dietary treatments starting three weeks before expected calving. The 29 cows in the control group were fed a diet of corn silage, wheat straw, and a concentrate mixture. The 26 cows in the experimental group were fed the same mix, plus the ingredient X-Zelit at an inclusion rate of 3.3% of dry matter. All cows were fed the same postpartum diet.

Cows who were fed X-Zelit (synthetic zeolite) had:

  • Significantly reduced rates of chronic subclinical hypocalcemia (no cases of chronic subclinical hypocalcemia in X-Zelit cows vs. 35% in control group);
  • Higher calcium concentrations leading up to and immediately following calving (a 60% reduction of SCH at 6 hours after calving and a 78% reduction at 48 hours);
  • Increased rates of conception compared with the control group (19 days sooner median time).

“This is a major advancement for the health of cows and for the entire dairy industry,” said Protekta CEO Morten Jakobsen. “The results from this new study show that adding X-Zelit to the cow’s close-up diet has a direct correlation to lower rates of subclinical hypocalcemia, improved milk production, and greater rates of conception and reproduction.”

X-Zelit, manufactured by Vilofoss® and marketed in Canada and the United States by Protekta, is a transition-cow feed ingredient for preventing subclinical and clinical milk fever. It applies the low-calcium approach to transition cows by binding calcium from the ration in the intestine, making the calcium less available for absorption. This activates



the cow’s natural process of mobilizing calcium, ensuring a perfect calcium balance at calving. X-Zelit won the Top 10 Product Award at the 2017 World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif. For more information, view the article in the Journal of Dairy Science, or visit Facebook Twitter

Protekta Inc. supplies high-impact European products designed for optimizing animal health and production. Currently, our most recognized products are X-Zelit, Stalosan® F. and PECKStone™.

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