Cornerstone applications due next week

If you seek to lead with purpose, character and integrity, Cornerstone Dairy Academy is for you
Apply today – January 31st deadline
Dairy producers, students and other dairy-industry professionals are invited to apply for this world-class leadership program. This program is specifically designed for those who are eager to improve their people-development and leadership skills and aspire to higher levels in life and workplace management.
Time flies; apply today.

Choose your pillar

Cornerstone Dairy Academy offers a choice of three tracks that build on the fundamentals of people-development skills while cultivating important aspects of communication.
Each of the learning pillars occur simultaneously on Day 1. Following a final classroom session at breakfast, Day 2 wraps up by attending the 2020 PDPW Business Conference. Here’s where you put your new skills to work joining dairy farmers, industry members and experts from around the globe. After completing one pillar, you’ll want to complete all three – it’s your ticket to becoming a leader of cornerstone caliber.
Influential Leaders
  • Discover your behavior type and how to adjust to other behaviors
  • Understand generational differences
  • Master first impressions
  • Practice thankfulness and gratitude
Visionary Leaders
  • Understand integrity and its correlation to ethical decision making
  • Observe global trends to discover opportunities
  • Strategic planning and efficient use of economic indicator tools
  • Learn how to exemplify credibility and uprightness
Servant Leaders
  • Top ten characteristics and seven best practices of a servant leader
  • The value of working as a team and organizational focus
  • The impact of hospitality and customer service
  • The blessings in creating a positive, productive work culture


Influential Leaders

Trevina Broussard

Talent Solutions Consultant

Frontline Success Training and Consulting
Liz Bockman, MPH
Etiquette Consultant
Everyday Etiquette
Hank Wagner
Owner, Wagner Dairy
and founder, Wagner
Leadership Training

Visionary Leaders

Dr. David Kohl
Professor Emeritus
Virginia Tech

Visionary Leaders

Dr. Richard Kyte
Endowed Professor
Viterbo University

Servant Leadership

Tom Thibodeau
Distinguished Professor of Servant Leadership
Viterbo University

Program details

Registration Fee*:
Dairy Producers and Students: $150
Industry: $450
Support from the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation covers the balance of accepted attendee’s registration. ($1100 value)
Application Deadline: January 31, 2020

Location: Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wis.
Tuesday, March 17
9:00 a.m. Registration
8:00 p.m. Conclude
Wednesday, March 18
7:15 a.m. Breakfast Program
8:45 a.m. Business Conference Day 1
6:30 p.m. Dinner and Networking

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