Cowhouse International launches new cow mattresses!

Cowhouse International will be presenting its new cow mattresses at the World Dairy Expo. The mattresses with the name ‘Dutch Mountain’ and ‘Friesian Island’ have been successfully introduced in Europe and are therefore ready to enter the American and Canadian market.

The new Cowhouse cow mattresses are the result of nearly 20 years of experience and developed from the perspective of what a cow really needs. They were tested on several high-level dairy farms in Holland. The farmers experienced supreme comfort for their cows and noticed behaviour they had never seen before. Besides, significant savings on labour were reported.

Friesian Island cow mattress

The Friesian Island cow mattress consists of two foam layers: a shock-absorbing base foam (1”) and a soft top foam (1,6”). A very strong top cover makes it a durable mattress that gives cows optimal comfort and traction.

Dutch Mountain cow mattress



The Dutch Mountain mattress is developed to adapt to the cow’s body and follows all the movements she makes. The top of the mat consists of an elastic and air-permeable top cover, which enables good flexibility. The specially developed ‘Milik’ foam is at the front 14 centimeter (6”) thick, and at the back 10 centimeter (4”). Therefore the cows lie comfortably and for longer. The Dutch Mountain increases your cows’ resting time and milk production.

Every extra hour a cow is lying down results in an extra 1.5 kg milk. The Dutch Mountain mattress has been tested extensively by the DLG test center in Germany. The DLG-approved quality certificate has been awarded, with a very high score.

World Dairy Expo

Visit Cowhouse at the World Dairy Expo (1-5 October) at booth TC 848 and experience the softness of the mattresses for yourself!



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