CRV Bulls Excel in Health Traits

CRV continues to lead the way in health traits and provides an easy tool to select the right bulls for an overall healthy herd.

This April sire summary, CRV USA is thrilled to release unprecedented strong lineups for the Holstein, Jersey and Red breeds. Excelling in the proprietary CRV health traits, as well as efficiency traits and milk components, these sires stay true to CRV USA’s promise to help producers achieve a problem-free herd that efficiently transforms feed into premium milk. Traits that are especially valuable in today's milk market.

Better Life Health is a unique index that encompasses everything needed to breed for a healthy herd: ketosis, udder and hoof health, fertility, calving ease, and calf vitality. With this index, breeding for health only requires one single value with a simple rule of thumb: Bulls with a 5% or higher Better Life Health will significantly improve your herd’s health and thereby improve herd profitability in the next generations.

• SHERO 097HO41974 is a new addition to the Holstein lineup and an absolute health specialist with a value of 9% for Better Life Health. This Superhero son scores an outstanding 108 for Udder Health and 106 for Hoof Health. Calves are born easily with a SCE of 6.3 and daughters will calve easily with a DCE of 3.6. Along with these great health traits, Shero is +0.12% Fat and +0.07%.

• JUSTIFY 097HO42011 is another new sire to the CRV lineup and excels in health as well with a Better Life Health of 8%. Daughters will be resistant to Ketosis with a value of 102 and will stay in the herd for a long time with a Livability PTA of +2.0. Justify is great for the calving pen at 5.9 SCE and has a unique sire stack Franchise x Josuper x Galaxy.
• EXCLUSIVE 097HO41855 continues to be an exclusive and leading part of the CRV lineup especially for health and efficiency with Better Life Efficiency and Better Life Health values of 14% and 9%. He is outstanding for Ketosis at 104 and can’t be beat in the heifer pens with an SCE of 4.7. Premium milk is another specialty of Exclusive with a +0.16% Fat and +0.07% Protein and does it all from a small package with a PTA Stature of -0.27.
Sophie Eaglen 608.441.3202

• DISCOVERY 097JE00171 is an excellent new health addition to the CRV Jersey lineup with a Better Life Health value of 8%. He fared extremely well with all the changes in the industry, with values of +5.6 for PL and +1.3 for DPR. This Avon son is also a great udder specialist at +28.0 JUI.
• FASTIDIOUS 097JE00167 enters the CRV line up as an excellent premium milk bull with 1000 pounds and a value of +0.08% Fat and +0.03% Protein. In addition, this full HR bull is a NxLevel x Lexicon x Zipper and well above average for HCR and CCR.
• SULLY 097JE00165 is a very unique pedigree Jersey sire that has no holes in his profile. This Monument x Jumbo x Impuls is 6% Better Life Efficiency and 7% Better Life Health. He is positive for DPR along with being over 1000 pounds milk. Sully has an outstanding PTA for Livability of +2.3
and will improve udders with a value +14.2 for JUI.

o WORLDCUP 097MI80838 is your chance to score a goal in your breeding program. Worldcup combines extreme Milk Index of 127 with impressive udders of 118 and Udder Health of 121. His daughters are not only healthy (Better Life Health 8%) but also very efficient with a Better Life Efficiency
score of 9%. Worldcup is also available in sorted semen.

o HARM 097MI41831 is a superbly complete MRY sire available to the US. He is a great udder improver with an Udder conformation value of 109 along with being an extremely efficient sire with very high fat percentage. Along with his 6% for Better Life Efficiency, Harm is also an A2A2 sire.

o MANANA RED 180HO91319 is a truly unique Red and White sire. He has superb balance in his breeding values and is free of ALL Apple influence. He is extremely different in the Red and White breed as he is 6.1 SCE. Manana has high pounds of production with excellent components and low Somatic Cell Score along with excellent udder conformation.

To learn more about our lineups, our unique Better Life indices, and how CRV can help you build BETTER COWS FOR A BETTER LIFE, check out our directories and the links below or contact a CRV
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