Crystal Farms Launches Shredded Whole Milk Mozzarella

Mozzarella Cheese Made with the Benefits of Whole Milk

Crystal Farms, Wisconsin’s best-selling cheese, announces a new offering in their portfolio, Shredded Whole Milk Mozzarella, which provides consumers a butter-rich flavor and great melting ability. Made with whole milk, Crystal Farms’ Shredded Whole Milk Mozzarella is a wholesome choice that doesn’t compromise the creamy, gooey taste of Mozzarella.


“We’re excited to introduce a cheese that has great meltability,” said Katie Egan, Crystal Farms Cheese Brand Director. Whole Milk Mozzarella Shreds melts evenly making it perfect for pizza and Italian inspired entrées.”

The latest launch from Crystal Farms is on trend as consumers embrace whole fats in their diets. Fewer consumers are avoiding fat in their diets1 and now turn to more naturally occurring fats. Skim and low-fat milk sales declined 28 percent over the last five years,2 while Whole Milk Mozzarella, and blends that contain mozzarella, are showing robust growth.3


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Tracing its roots back to 1926, Crystal Farms produces, distributes and markets products housed in the dairy cases of America’s retailers nationwide. Crystal Farms is from Lake Mills, Wisconsin where cheese is more than a favorite food, it’s a way of life. From using only the finest ingredients to inspecting every slice, shred and block, Crystal Farms makes sure products are consistently satisfying. For more information, visit the Crystal Farms website at