Custom Dairy Performance partners with King Techina to form KTG North America

Custom Dairy Performance of Versailles, KY and King Techina Feed Co., Ltd. of Hangzhou, China, have partnered to form KTG North America, a provider of innovative coated feed products for targeted nutrient delivery in ruminants, poultry, swine and aquaculture.

“We are pleased to offer North American dairy nutritionists the benefits of bypass nutrient sources made with Intelligent Microcapsule™ technology,” said M.J. Bakke, President of Custom Dairy Performance/KTG North America. “This unique coating process, pioneered in China, will maximize bypass amino acid bioavailability and make it easier to meet customer goals.”

Intelligent Microcapsule (IM) is a patented process that protects feed ingredients from heat, humidity and other factors during manufacturing and transportation. Dairy feeds with IM coating are better able to resist degradation in the rumen and release amino acids at the optimum rate to complement microbial protein production. This allows the nutritionist to balance rations with greater precision while feeding for higher milk production, improved components and greater feed efficiency.

Three KTG North America formulations for dairy cattle will be available in early 2019: IM-LYS™ (rumen-protected lysine), IM-MET™ (rumen-protected methionine) and IM-CHOL™ (rumen-protected choline chloride). For more information, call (559) 348-3818 or visit

Founded in 1999, King Techina is one of the world’s leading producers of animal husbandry products and services with representation in more than 50 countries. Its flagship IM coating technology is fueling innovations in feed additives and veterinary pharmaceuticals worldwide.

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