Dairy Campaign is Undeniably Different

Beth Engelmann, Chief Marketing Communications Officer, Dairy Management Inc.

In June, we as an industry will celebrate National Dairy Month … and the kickoff of year two of the Undeniably Dairy campaign. Developed by dairy farmers and the broader dairy community through the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, the campaign is engaging consumers in fun and surprising ways with content that demonstrates how the dairy foods they love are responsibly produced while offering unmatched nutrition. And that dairy farmers, processors, retailers and others are making significant and positive contributions to communities across the country.


We know from research that consumers are disconnected from where their food comes from and are often confused about what is and isn’t dairy. In addition, a growing number want assurances that the dairy foods they enjoy are produced in a responsible manner relative to the impact on the environment, care provided to animals, and assurances of quality and safety throughout the value chain.

Bringing Dairy Community Together

Undeniably Dairy is different from other marketing efforts. This multi-year, multi-stakeholder and multi-channel campaign is about unifying our entire dairy community behind a single branded effort.

To make this a singular campaign, we brought together co-ops, processors, retailers, health professional groups and others to rally behind one effort that would tell a positive dairy story that can be customized for each user and audience. It’s an inclusive model that has worked well for dairy farmers through the Innovation Center and the U.S. Dairy Export Council.

To date, more than 200 companies and organizations have participated, including a retail activation by MilkPEP to put Undeniably Dairy messaging on milk shelves in 16,000-plus retail locations last fall.


These kinds of partnerships and activations demonstrate the power of the full dairy community – from farm to table – coming together to engage and drive broader awareness for our story with consumers in new and relevant ways.

 A New Conversation with Consumers

Since the campaign launch last June, we’ve showed up where consumers are, at the right time, with content that celebrates all that is good about dairy – from the practices on farms across the country to the food that people of all ages enjoy.

The Food Network and the Cooking Channel promoted recipes during June Dairy Month while bringing consumers back to the farm with a great farm-to-table story from New York dairy farmer Kendra Lamb.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Land O’Lakes to incorporate Undeniably Dairy into its Super Bowl-related “Farm Bowl” and other activities in Minneapolis. We also highlighted simple nutrition by “putting the moo back in smoothies,” an area where we know we are losing ground to alternatives. We showed there is no substitution for real dairy through two influencer and consumer activations. The first included a partnership with MilkPEP to create social content on smoothie recipes with Olympic athletes. And then in March, National Nutrition Month, we hosted a media and influencer event at a trendy restaurant in New York City that showcased the nutritional benefits and great taste of dairy.

 Building on our Momentum

Year two of Undeniably Dairy kicks off next month and throughout the month, we will celebrate the people who are Undeniably Devoted to Dairy – from farmers and milk haulers to family cooks and fine-dining chefs.

Beginning with World Milk Day on June 1, we will raise a glass of milk through fun social posts to toast and celebrate farmers, dairy employees and others who make up our community.

Throughout June, we will highlight in traditional and social media the stories of dairy devotion – the multi-generation family farm and processing plants making a positive impact on their communities or the local chef creating culinary experiences for dairy lovers … and many more. Each story will lead with a simple message: We love making dairy as much as people love enjoying their favorite dairy foods.

This is your campaign, and your stories and your voices that are reaching and engaging consumers in an undeniably positive and relevant way.

s we get ready to launch year two of the campaign and to celebrate June Dairy Month, we encourage you to go to your local promotion organization or www.dairyhub.org to find out how to engage and show your devotion to dairy. You also can visit the online store to purchase fun Undeniably Dairy apparel and merchandise at www.undeniablydairystore.com.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please contact us at TalkToTheCheckoff@dairy.org.

Beth Engelmann is the Chief Marketing Communications Officer of Dairy Management Inc.™, the domestic and international planning and management organization that works to increase sales of and demand for dairy products and ingredients on behalf of America’s dairy farmers and dairy importers. For more information on the dairy checkoff, visit www.dairy.org.