Dairy Cattle Reproductive Management Online Course

Have you…

  • Been working with dairy cows and are looking to increase your knowledge of reproductive management?
  • Had some formal training or course work but want a refresher on reproductive management?
  • Been working with the farm reproductive program but want to know more about the how, what and why?
  • Wanted to improve the reproductive performance of your herd but need to know where to start?
  • Wanted to increase the skills you bring to the farm or your farm employer?
  • Been wondering where you’ll find the time to attend a course or workshop

If so, this course is designed for you!

You’ll learn the basics of reproductive management then quickly build from there to understand and manage an effective dairy reproductive program… all from the comfort of a computer!

Anatomy and Physiology
Synchronization Protocols
Breeding Strategies
A.I. Techniques
Monitoring Reproductive Programs
Heifer Reproduction Management

Dr. Julio Giordano, DVM, MS, PhD
Cornell University
Dr. Robert A. Lynch, DVM
Kathy Barrett
Jonna Egli
Genex Cooperative
Magdalena Masello-Souza, DVM
Cornell University
Matias Stangaferro, DVM, MS, PhD
Dairy Health and Management Services

October 26 – December 14, 2018

All online!

Registration Fee
$265.00 per person

Registration closes Thursday morning at 7:30 a.m. – don’t miss out!

Who Should Attend?
Dairy business on-farm personnel seeking to increase their knowledge of dairy reproductive management. Participants should possess a formal or informal background in dairy cattle management but not necessarily in reproductive management.

Program Details
This is a seven week course offered online. Corresponding assignments are due each week. To get the most out of the experience, you should expect to spend 2 to 3 hours per week on the lessons and assignments. The course is offered through Moodle, an easy-to-use online interface that you’ll view through your personal computer’s web browser.


A version of this course will also be taught in Spanish beginning in January 2019.  Click here for more information.

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