Dairy Council Of California Welcomes Four New Board Members

Members Support the Commitment to Champion Children’s Health Through Nutrition

Dairy Council of California, a quasi-state government nutrition education organization committed to elevating the health of children and families, welcomed four new members to its board of directors on November 1, 2019.

Appointed by Secretary Karen Ross of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the new members share a belief in the importance of nutrition education as well as a passion for milk and dairy foods and their contribution to public health.



Dairy Council of California’s newest board members are:

  • Sherrie DeVries. Dairywoman DeVries oversees accounting and school tours, hosting school field trips at Hinkley Dairy in Hinkley, California. A longtime supporter of her local 4-H chapter, she leads its nutrition group and hosts at-home cooking sessions to teach the nutritional value of various foods.
  • Stacy Heaton. The director of communications for California Dairies Inc., Heaton manages communication strategies to support the organization’s vision of leading dairy nutrition for a healthy world. Heaton is passionate about community and children’s health, and spends time volunteering at local nonprofit organizations throughout the US.
  • Tyler Ribeiro. A fourth-generation dairy farmer at Rib-Arrow Dairy inTulare, California, Ribeiro is a strong advocate for milk and dairy foods and their contribution to public health. An active member of the community, he leads school farm tours and classroom presentations on agriculture and the journey of food.
  • Leaine Souza. The member relations manager for Land O’ Lakes West region, Souza oversees milk quality and safety. Souza is married to a third-generation dairyman and is a strong dairy advocate who enjoys teaching others about the positive health attributes of milk and dairy foods.

“We are honored to welcome Sherrie, Stacy, Tyler and Leaine to our board of directors,” said Tammy Anderson-Wise, CEO of Dairy Council of California. “The board’s invaluable guidance and support enables us to be leaders in nutrition education helping to inform millions of students and families on how to eat healthfully each year.”

Board members provide guidance, advising the organization on its strategic plan and program implementations, which include a wide range of nutrition education initiatives and outreach efforts.

Funded by the state’s dairy community, Dairy Council of California is celebrating a key milestone—its 100-year anniversary.

As the organization celebrates a century of elevating the health of children and families through the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits, it is evolving beyond nutrition resources to also focus on empowering teachers, health educators, stakeholders and community leaders to educate more people, more ways, to make an even bigger difference.



“Our board members are advocates of community health and strong supporters of the important work that we do,” continued Anderson-Wise. “With their support, Dairy Council of California can successfully continue its cause for the next 100 years.”

About Dairy Council of California

For a century, Dairy Council of California has empowered stakeholders, including educators, health professionals and community leaders, to elevate the health of children and families through the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits. Funded by California’s dairy farm families and local milk processors and under the guidance of California Department of Food and Agriculture, Dairy Council of California’s free science-based nutrition education resources, Mobile Dairy Classroom assemblies, training programs and online resources educate millions of students and families inCalifornia and throughout the United States. Learn more at HealthyEating.org.

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