Dairy economic forecast & upcoming trends

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CT
What’s in store for 2019…are the US dairy markets bottoming out?
Our dairy world is changing and business is shifting faster than we’ve ever seen. Economist Dan Basse will share what the latest market trends point to for prices.

Get a clearer picture of what’s happening around the globe and what’s ahead for U.S. dairy. From slaughter projections, milk flows and powder storages to harvest reports, Basse will review how it all impacts domestic and global supplies – and ultimately you.
He’ll also sort through projections of what the year ahead holds for dairy and other U.S. crops. During this fast-paced global report, you’ll hear about trade and tariffs – and if the grass really is greener on pastures in far-away lands. 
Dan Basse, President, Ag Resource Company
Dan Basse has been in the commodity business since 1979 and is President of AgResource Company, a domestic and international agricultural research firm in Chicago that forecasts domestic and world agricultural price trends. AgResource provides their research to multiple segments of the industry including farmers, elevators, soy, corn, wheat processors and millers, food and trading companies, meat packers, importers and exporters, and their research is sold around the globe

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