Dairy Farmers of America Commends USDA’s Announcement to Purchase $50 Million Worth of Milk for Food Banks

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a global dairy food cooperative owned by family dairy farmers, applauds the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) recent announcement to purchase $50 million worth of fluid milk for distribution to food assistance programs.

“Hunger and poor nutrition are serious issues in this country, and we support USDA in helping to provide nutrient-rich milk for those in need,” says John Wilson, senior vice president and chief fluid marketing officer, Dairy Farmers of America.

USDA will authorize up to $50 million of Section 32 funds to purchase a range of consumer-friendly milk varieties, including whole, two percent, one percent and skim. The agency will purchase the milk from approved vendors, and distribute the product, which is estimated to be about 12-15 million gallons, depending on the prices agreed to by USDA and its suppliers, to food assistance programs.

Wilson adds, “This purchase will offer a great benefit for those that struggle with hunger and malnutrition today. We appreciate USDA acknowledging the important part milk plays in a healthy diet and partnering with the dairy industry in getting milk to those in need across the country.”

USDA has been a great partner to U.S. agriculture and those individuals struggling with food insecurity – helping ensure a safe, reliable food supply and promoting the Dietary Guidelines, which highlight healthy eating habits and the daily consumption of dairy.