Dairy history lesson to Wisconsin fourth graders

Brittany Lake, MMJ Wisconsin Dairy News

Wisconsin Dairy LessonEach year fourth graders learn about Wisconsin's rich agricultural history. One school celebrates 160 years of dairy traditions in a unique way.

Keeping kids engaged can be a task, but when the task is interactive and recaps what they've been studying all year, it makes for a real fun learning experience.

"I learned that Wisconsin makes the best cheese in the world."

Poynette 4th grader Brylee, along with the rest of her classmates, attended an end-of-year school presentation given by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board called, Mapping out a Healthy Wisconsin. Students learned about the different products made and produced in our state.

"A lot of fourth graders have never even been to a farm before, and when you ask them, what's agriculture, they don't even know what that means. So, I think it's really important, it gives them a whole new appreciation of our state too, and makes them very proud Wisconsinites," said Meghan Visger, a teacher at Poynette.

There was a special visit from "June Holstein," and fourth graders also received an iconic Wisconsin treat at the end of the day.

"Well, I've never had fresh cheese curds before, I've only had them like store bought and they were never…like I've never had them like…squeaky."

To help kick off the dairy days of summer, Henning's fresh, squeaky cheese curds were delivered to 1,000 fourth grade classrooms across the state, to celebrate the important role the dairy industry plays in Wisconsin.

"I think they make connections you know, as they travel in Wisconsin. They go out to eat at restaurants, they can get their cheeseburgers with smoked gouda, and blue cheese, and things like that."

As for Becca, she plans to share all of her newly learned Wisconsin agricultural knowledge at the county fair.

"I'm going to be in 4-H this year, and maybe in the dairy barns I could um tell people about the dairy products made from the cows there."

To learn about other educational programs from the Milk marketing board visit WisconsinDairyCouncil.com.