Dairy News for September 29: Catalogs and Brochures Available Dating to 1911

Joel Hastings

With World Dairy Expo only a couple of days away, where you'll see some of the very best displays of registered dairy cattle anywhere, it might be appropriate to share with you one of our latest projects at Holstein World. For more than 100 years, the Holstein World staff, past and present, attended and reported on registered Holstein auction sales. Catalogs from over 1000 sales were kept in our files. With the relocation of the World offices, it became clear that something needed to be done.

So, we asked Horace Backus, internationally known pedigree expert and longtime friend of the World, to review the catalogs, sorting out those that have historic importance or at least might be of interest to breeders today. He did just that, identifying some 160 catalogs and an additional 18 herd brochures, dating to 1911. Catalogs include those from Dunloggin, Mount Victoria, Rosafe, Winterthur and Erickson of Wisconsin. Also, there are catalogs from National Sales going back to 1921.

You can go online to Holsteinworld.com/catalogs to see the list and submit a bid by form or by fax. We'll also have the list at our booth at World Dairy Expo, so stop by throughout the week. View the video for more information.

View Catalogs Here