Dairy on the Air Episode 15: A Sustainability Case Study with Ben and Jerry’s

Dairy on the Air guest host, Andy Vance, Strategic Account Director at Feedstuffs, welcomed Cheryl Pinto from Ben and Jerry’s to the microphone to discuss sustainability and consumer attitudes in the newest episode of Dairy on the Air.

Pinto works with players across the value chain in her role as Global Values Led Sourcing. In addition to working to improve the carbon footprint, animal care and soil health, Pinto says Ben and Jerry’s includes equity across the supply chain in the definition of sustainability.



“When we think about sustainability, it’s a very holistic picture about bringing equity and fairness to all the players that are in the supply chain,” says Pinto. “It’s about improving the future so you can improve the livelihoods of farmers.

In this episode, Pinto and Vance also discuss:

  • Consumer attitudes about sustainability, particularly those of Generation Z, who expect transparency and traceability of their food supply
  • Ways members who make up the supply chain can work together to help consumers recognize dairy as a wonderful ingredient and beverage full of nutrients
  • How brands like Ben and Jerry’s can be a conduit between dairy farmers and consumers and shine a spotlight on how dairy farmers are caring for their animals, land and communities in ways that improve the earth

Dairy on the Air is a monthly podcase produced by Midwest Dairy that features relevant conversations impacting the dairy community. Find all episodes online at MidwestDairy.com or on podcast platforms including iTunes, iHeartRadio, Google Play, Stitcher and more.

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