Dairy One moves deeper into farm technology

Dairy One’s Agricultural Management Resources group has been working with farms to provide farm technology solutions for more than 20 years. Our unique knowledge of dairy production systems, combined with a commitment to service, have given customers the confidence to work with us again and again as their needs have evolved over time.

Thus far, our focus has been primarily on technology and cow management. However, we are very excited to announce that we are bringing our service and support to a new level.  The Agricultural Management Resources group (AMR) is transitioning to Integrated Farming Solutions and launching a division focused on providing several new areas to complement our existing products and services.

With the same commitment to helping each customer find the best technological fit, Integrated Farming Solutions will also be helping with crop management technology. Among the new services are precision agriculture hardware and software, data management, high density soil sampling, and other technology solutions to streamline data flow on the crop side of your operation.

By serving more areas across the farm, and continuing to improve our expertise in integrating the data, we will broaden our perspective. With a broader perspective, we are in a position to meet your technology and management system needs now, and into the future.

Dairy One is teaming up with Vantage Northeast of Henrietta, New York to provide this exciting new service offering.

For more information, contact support@dairyone.com or 800-344-2697.

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