Dairy promotion education for local VBS

Charlotte Quick, Susquehanna County Dairy Ambassador

Susquehanna dairy ambassadors talked to kids at Child Evangelism, Vacation Bible School

Recently, Susquehanna County Dairy Ambassadors Elizabeth Chidester and Charlotte Quick along with Dairy Maid Ava Hughes talked to the kids at Child Evangelism, Vacation Bible School held at Fairdale about calcium, dairy products and the importance of getting three every day of dairy.

While half the kids were with Dairy Ambassador Elizabeth Chidester learning about how the calcium in milk helps keep you strong, the other half were with Dairy Ambassador Charlotte Quick and Dairy Maid Ava Hughes participating in several fun activities. These activities included using stomp boards in a fun game to discuss different types of dairy products and how to easily incorporate three servings of milk, yogurt or cheese into their daily diet. Next, they made shaker pudding and participated in an educational dairy quiz.

At Dairy Ambassador Elizabeth Chidester’s station the kids learned about how much calcium is in your bones and what happens to your bones if you do not get enough calcium in your diet.

The Susquehanna County Dairy Princess and Promotion Team enjoyed several opportunities sharing their dairy message at VBS camps this summer. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about dairy and the important role dairy plays in our lives, please contact the Susquehanna County Dairy Princess and Promotion Team chairperson Evie Goff at 570-278-1212 or gofffarm@epix.net.



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