Dairy retail sales increase during COVID-19

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Dairy products that were on a downturn prior to the pandemic have reversed

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Retail dairy sales saw an initial spike during peak-COVID shopping, and sales across all categories (cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream and milk) remain above-average compared to a year ago.



Dairy products that were on a downturn prior to the pandemic have reversed to a growth scenario and products previously trending upward, received a growth boost. Products that are carriers of dairy such as frozen pizza, cereal, coffee and bread are also seeing strong growth, helping to fuel additional dairy sales. Frozen pizza in particular experienced a sales boom as consumers sought convenient, affordable meal solutions.

Consumers have shown that they won’t sacrifice the basics during this time, and your dairy checkoff is working to maintain this increase in dairy sales following the pandemic. DMI, in partnership with MilkPEP, developed and shared a milk revitalization toolkit with brands and partners featuring tips on how to win with customers and retailers via insights and fundamentals. This toolkit offers brands marketing tools on how to promote milk usage at home in baking, breakfast (pancakes, protein bowls) and smoothies as examples.



While retail sales are positive, it is important to note that the foodservice sector is suffering significant loss with restaurant closures and more people eating at home. Your dairy checkoff staff are engaging with foodservice partners to identify opportunistic ways to drive immediate dairy sales.

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