DairyVoice Podcast Features Wisconsin Dairyman Discussing Dairy’s Need for Change

Joel Hastings

Episode 5 of DairyVoice Podcast features Wisconsin Dairyman Pete Kappelman

DairyBusiness has released Episode 5 of the DairyVoice Podcast, featuring Wisconsin Dairyman Pete Kappelman. Pete is a fourth generation Wisconsin dairyman who has moved from farmer board chairman at Land O' Lakes, one of the largest U.S. dairy cooperatives, to an executive post as Senior Vice President of Member and Government Relations.

In this edition of DairyVoice, Pete talks about not only his personal transition, but also - more importantly - dairy's need for change from farmer to consumer. He says new ways of thinking and doing are critical for business success at any level. Plus, he explains why he thinks U.S. dairy can compete both domestically and internationally.

Episode 5 of DairyVoice is now available. Tune in to DairyBusiness.com or DairyVoice.com to listen. Past episodes are also available on both websites and the podcast channel is also available on Google or Apple podcast and iHeartRadio.


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