Danish dairy king unveils sustainable cheese packaging

21.5 million Arla cheeses now wrapped in a bio-based foil

September 2nd, 2019 12:30 pm| by Christian W
Danish dairy giant Arla has revealed that millions of its cheese products are now being sold in more climate-friendly packaging.

The move is part of Arla’s ambitious strategy that includes its packaging to be completely carbon-neutral by 2050. All of the 21.5 million Arla cheese products purchased in Denmark every year will now be sold in the greener packaging.



“In Arla we work hard making our dairy products more environmentally-viable and this green packaging is a key part of the solution,” said Jakob B Knudsen, the head of Arla Denmark.

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Milk cartons and cheese
The change means that the sliceable and pre-sliced Riberhus, Klovborg and Arla ØKO cheeses will now be wrapped in a packaging that consists of a bio-based foil made from sugar cane and recycled plastic. A new CO2 logo (see in image above) will help customers identify the more climate-friendly cheeses.



The new packaging will reduce Arla’s CO2 emissions by 173,000 kg annually – a reduction of about 12 percent for the dairy company.

Earlier this year, Arla revealed that 92 million of its milk cartons were now made from tree and pant material, ensuring the company a CO2 reduction of 22 percent for its production.

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