DBA supports Gov. Evers’ proposed driver’s license for non-citizens

Gov. Evers’ proposal addresses public safety, rural workforce issues

Last week, Gov. Tony Evers included a provision in his proposed budget that would create a driver’s license for non-citizens. The Dairy Business Association has been working for several years to convince legislators to allow people, regardless of immigration status, to drive legally in Wisconsin if they are properly trained and insured.



DBA President Tom Crave, who is a farmer, issued the following statement in response to the governor’s proposal:

“Whether this provision ends up in the final budget or not, we hope it will highlight the need for this change and keep the discussion going. We are committed to trying to pass some version of legislation allowing for this type of license or driver’s permit.”“We appreciate the governor’s support for this concept. A person’s ability to drive legally should be based on whether that person can drive safely. This provision is about public safety more than anything else. Also, in rural parts of the state, there is sometimes little alternative to driving. An otherwise responsible person should not have to break the law to drive to work or pick up their children from school.

The Dairy Business Association is a nonprofit organization comprised of Wisconsin dairy farmers, milk processors, vendors and business partners who work to ensure that Wisconsin dairy farmers of all sizes have the support they need to thrive in the state’s economy, communities and food supply chain. The integrated approach is a unique model that fosters collaboration and innovation for the collective good. The association’s core work is advocating for sensible state laws and regulations that affect the dairy community. For more information, visit www.widba.com.

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  1. No license should be issued to none citizens it just away to give the illegals more power they drive as it is they don’t carry insurance so we have to have uninsured motorist to cover ourselves I have a better suggestion get them out of the state and the country the next thing they will be letting them vote because they have a ID if we didn’t have all the illegals in this country we wouldn’t have to much milk for processors and we would be getting a decent price for our milk.

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