DeLaval Doubles Manufacturing Capacity for the New VMS™ milking system V300

Customer demand for the new VMS V300 is above expectations
BANNOCKBURN, IL (November 1, 2018) – DeLaval has increased production capacity to meet the strong
demand for the new VMS™ milking system V300, making full use of its modernized facilities by increasing
production personnel, adjusting Supply Chain planning and securing deliveries from suppliers.

Following the successful launch of the new automatic milking system, the VMS V300, DeLaval has
ramped up production as order intake has dramatically increased since the moment the new system was
launched. At the same time, the personnel working at the production line in Sweden has almost doubled
and an extended production shift has been implemented. Other production facilities delivering to Sweden
have also increased capacity significantly to support the positive order intake.

The LEED gold-awarded DeLaval Distribution Centre inaugurated this year in Germany, is supporting the
order intake of the new VMS V300 system by offering a larger storage facility with higher efficiency that
will bring reduced lead-time to customers

“We are very pleased by how our customers have received the new VMS V300 milking system,” says
John-Erik Hermanson, Executive Vice President Supply Chain. “The new Distribution Centre is working as
a fundamental part of this success serving customers and dealers. Consolidating the future of DeLaval
supply chain is key to the collective success of DeLaval, dealerships and farmers.”

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