DHI-Provo is rebranding and changes name to Amelicor

DHI-Provo recently announced it has changed its name to Amelicor. The company’s new name has its roots in two words – ameliorate and core. The definition of ameliorate is to improve or make better. Core is defined as the central and most important parts. Therefore, the name communicates the company’s goal to help dairies improve the core of their businesses.

Amelicor, the dairy division of DHI Computing Service, Inc. with its main headquarters and data center located in Provo, Utah, has been doing business as DHI-Provo for many years. During that time the services and products offered by the dairy division has expanded. In addition to the core services of processing DHIA records and providing the DHI-Lab and DHI-Plus herd management software, a number of years ago the dairy division added the EZfeed and EZweights systems to its product line.  EZfeed is the leading feed management system. EZweights is a weight scale system used to record deliveries of commodities to the dairies and it interfaces with the EZfeed system.
With the objective to do business using a name that more broadly covers the company’s expanded line of services and products, the company announced that it will begin immediately to transition doing business using a new name, Amelicor. The company’s ownership, management and team members will remain the same. Company officials reiterated that nothing but the name is changing.

“Our location and phone numbers remain the same. The names of the services and products remain the same,” says the company’s senior account executive Ladd Muirbrook. “Our on-going software and system development will continue to move forward. Our outstanding customer service will continue to be provided by the same dedicated and professional staff. The new name of the dairy division is intended to more broadly cover our expanded line of services and products.”

For more information about Amelicor and any of the herd management products offered please visit www.amelicor.com or call 1-800-453-9400.