DMI’s Tom Gallagher says animal rights activists are trying to divide dairy farmers

Joel Hastings

Episode 4 of DairyVoice Podcast, featuring CEO Tom Gallagher, is now available

DairyVoice Podcast, has announced the release of episode 4, featuring Tom Gallagher of DMI.

As the head of the national dairy check-off, Gallagher explains to Joel Hastings of DairyBusiness that the industry has not done a good job of sharing a vision for smaller farms… and it needs to.  Tom Gallagher, the CEO of Dairy Management, Inc. says the diversity in size and geography in the U.S. dairy industry is one of its great strengths.

In this edition of DairyVoice, Gallagher talks about plant-based beverages, which he does not see as a huge concern, and lab-created dairy proteins – a real cloud on the horizon for the dairy industry. But with his “2030 Plan”, he wants to leap-frog dairy into the future with consumers and their food choices.

Gallagher begins the segment explaining new tactics being undertaken by animal rights activist groups toward the dairy industry, which he sees as especially worrisome.

Episode 4 of DairyVoice was scheduled to air on Monday October 21, but has been made available sooner. Tune in to or to listen. Past episodes are also available on both websites and the podcast channel is also available on Google and Apple podcast.

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