Dr. Amy Boileau of the National Dairy Council sets the record straight on lactose-free dairy

Joel Hastings

Those of us who enjoy eating all types of dairy foods sometimes seem a bit put off when folks talk about lactose intolerance. Is it just an excuse to move away from dairy, maybe even to plant-based drinks?

To help us understand this condition, Joel Hastings of DairyBusiness News talks with an expert, Dr. Amy Boileau, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at the National Dairy Council. She sets the record straight, describing dairy products everyone can enjoy and reporting sales of lactose-free dairy are increasing.

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  1. Great podcast on lactose intolerance and lactose free dairy products. As I have gotten older, I have developed lactose intolerance. Here is how I continue to enjoy dairy products. First, I have increased my consumption of yogurt. I do not suffer symptoms when eating yogurt. I eat more cheese like swiss cheese, cheddar and Italian cheeses. I purchase lactose-free milk and when eating ice cream, I consume a smaller portion. Following these steps, moderation is the key. If I consume a large bowl of ice cream, I will have symptoms. By eating a small portion of ice cream, I avoid the symptoms. You can still enjoy dairy products if you are lactose intolerant, by consuming products in moderation and choosing low lactose or lactose-free products.

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