Drag hose manure injection demos planned

Pikeside Ag Machinery LLC

PikeSide Ag Machinery, Bazooka Farmstar holding demonstrations across the northeast

PikeSide Ag Machinery, and Bazooka Farmstar will be working with premier host farms around the northeast this spring to highlight the advantages of drag hose manure application. “As manure management has come under microscope with regards to nutrient regulations and runoff concerns, manure injection has become a very important aspect of dairy farming.” says Doug Szemborski of Bazooka Farmstar. Manure injection places nutrients where the growing crop can utilize them, and helps control odor. Doug adds, “The technology to accomplish manure injection has changed rapidly in the last 5 years, and we believe we have an extremely versatile unit to handle the widest array of crop and soil conditions for manure injection with the Bazooka Farmstar Phantom coulter.” Gaining favor with NRCS offices around the country, and touted by farmers who practice minimal tillage, the Phantom coulter places nutrients where they belong with the least amount of soil disturbance in the industry. Ohio State Extension has grown test plots of corn utilizing the Phantom coulter as a method to find one more use for manure application in the form of side dressing a standing crop.

Weather is also becoming a large factor in how farms are handling manure. With narrowing windows of weather and more extreme weather events, farmers have placed a large emphasis on being able to field apply nutrients quickly and efficiently. Drag hose application of manure is currently the most rapid and most efficient way to apply manure to farm fields. The main goal with these demonstrations to be held is to show how widely applicable drag hose manure injection can be, including on live hay ground. “By having the ability to inject manure nutrients in a live hay crop, farmers have been able to make ever increasing nutrient management regulations work with their existing acres. The Phantom coulter injector can be utilized in this way because of the minimal disturbance of the soil, and the wavy coulter leaves a fractured slot for manure to dissipate quickly in the growing hay crop’s route zone.” said Doug Szemborski.

The drag hose manure injection demonstrations will be held around the northeast between April 18th and the end of June. Contact PikeSide Ag Machinery at 585-322-6909 for more information.

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