Driving Wisconsin Cheese Sales in 2020 and Beyond

Michelle Trowbridge Channel Marketing Manager Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Consumers overwhelmingly turned to digital shopping this year. About 26% of grocery purchases are now made online. According to the Food Industry Association, that figure is expected to grow to 30% by 2025. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and retailers have adapted to reach consumers in this expanding market space to drive more sales of Wisconsin cheese.
Digital campaigns using keywords, recipe links and “add to cart” features for select Wisconsin cheeses continue to take advantage of this shift to online grocery shopping. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin not only supports the increasing interest in online shopping for grocery but also supports retail with in-store point of purchase, recipe features, social posts and “shop now” banner ads.
With about 90% of the state’s cheese sold outside Wisconsin’s borders, these national efforts help support demand for the milk farmers produce. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin works diligently to share more about Wisconsin cheese and dairy products and our farmers because it’s a great story and keeps customers connected and coming back to purchase more.
Interactive virtual events hosted by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin are happening, too. These experiences not only feature farmers and cheesemakers, but they also put samples in participants’ hands. Such events strengthen consumer relationships and tempt taste buds with Wisconsin cheese, encouraging purchase and driving more demand for your milk.

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