DUAL-FORCETM FIRST DEFENSE® Single-dose Gel Tubes New USDA approved veterinary biologic to prevent E. coli and coronavirus scours in calves.

In December 2018, the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics granted approval for DUAL-FORCETM FIRST DEFENSE® which offers antibody driven immediate immunity against both bacterial and viral scours in newborn beef and dairy calves.

DUAL-FORCE offers similar protection as the FIRST DEFENSE blue capsule but in an oral syringe delivery option. The single-dose gel tube can be easily administered without a balling gun. In addition, the DUAL-FORCE gel contains a non-digestible blue dye which serves as a marker, turning the calf’s first stool after administration a neon blue-green to help detect and prevent protocol drift.

“Antibody based products are the fastest growing sector in human health,” commented Bobbi Jo Brockmann, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Usually livestock pharmaceutical advancements trail those of the human health market by quite a bit, but with DUAL-FORCE producers can benefit from this cutting-edge technology today,” added Ms. Brockmann.

DUAL-FORCE, and the entire FIRST DEFENSE product line, replaces a variable vaccine response with verified antibodies, so every calf receives a guaranteed level of protection. The colostrum these antibodies are purified from comes from cows on a strict commercial scour vaccine program, but in order to guarantee high levels of E. coli and coronavirus antibodies, these cows are also exposed to ImmuCell’s proprietary vaccine regimen.

A single gel tube administered at birth, along with maternal colostrum, has been proven effective, in third-party research to provide passive immunity against K99+ E. coli and bovine coronavirus infections. DUAL-FORCE can be purchased from a veterinarian or your local animal health supplier. More information at www.firstdefensecalfhealth.com.

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