Energy Vision to Host Bio Gas Workshop in New York

Natural Gas from Dairy Manure is on the agenda

In collaboration with academic, industry, government and NGO partners, Energy Vision will host a half-day workshop in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., on the production and use in New York of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) made from organic waste, with a particular focus on agricultural, municipal and food processing wastes. The event will take place on Mon., Nov. 19 at the Skidmore College Gannett Auditorium from 8 am to 2 pm (EST).

Nationwide, interest in RNG is ramping up as an important waste management strategy and an energy and fuel resource. To date, only a handful of projects are up and running in NY, but the potential for RNG here is significant and represents a strategy that can help New York meet its ambitious economic development, environmental and climate goals. The New York event is one of 12 held around the U.S. and Canada.

At this event you will learn about:

  • Biogas case studies: farms, food processors and wastewater
  • Latest technology in biogas and RNG production
  • Economic opportunities for New York and the Northeast
  • Business models and policy pathways
  • Low emissions uses and high-value end markets for RNG
  • Closing the loop on emissions and organic waste
  • Cleaning up energy and fleet fuels with RNG

RSVP for this free event HERE.

View the Draft Agenda HERE.


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