Expanded Funding for the Dairy Advancement Program

The Dairy Advancement Program (DAP) (previously known as the Dairy Acceleration Program) received increased funding in this year’s New York State budget. The increase in funding allows expansion of the progam and enables farms of greater dairy herd size to apply by increasing the maximum herd size from 300-cow to 699-cow farms.

DAP is designed to help New York’s dairy farmers address business needs necessary to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace and to better position themselves for long-term success. In addition to continuing to provide business planning, business analysis and advisory teams, new initiatives of the program focus on improving record keeping for decision making and operational budgeting to improve annual operations. The program also continues to provide funds for environmental planning through the development and implementation of comprehensive nutrient management plans (CNMPs), facilitating the continued excellence in environmental stewardship on New York’s dairy farms.

DAP is funded through the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The program is coordinated through Cornell PRO-DAIRY and delivered to farms in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension and agriservice professionals.

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Richard A. Ball said, “The expansion of DAP is great news for our dairy farms. Not only will more farms be able to take advantage of PRO-DAIRY’s services, but they will also have the opportunity to benefit from new program initiatives designed to assist our farmers to more efficiently operate their business and better compete, which is critical in today’s challenging marketplace. DAP can help provide farmers with the resources they need to achieve economic stability while maintaining a commitment to environmental stewardship.”

Eligible projects assist New York dairy farmers to position their farm for long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Farms must be located in the state of New York and be shipping milk. Heifer boarding operations under the medium CAFO size may apply for funds to develop or update the farm CNMP and under the large CAFO size may apply for funds to design a best management practice identified in the farm CNMP. The DAP Application, Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions and other supporting materials are posted on the DAP website.



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