Fair Oaks Farms issues warning on Facebook of animal activist infiltration

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Editors note: The Fair Oaks Farms family has issued a warning to their followers on Facebook yesterday, anticipating video’s to be released that were obtained by animal activist infiltrators. The DairyBusiness staff found the Fair Oaks preemptive statement forward thinking, appropriate, and responsible. Below is a copy of their statement for our readers.

This issues is a major concern to dairy producers and we have covered it in the recent past. We encourage our readers to review these articles:







At Fair Oaks Farms, we pride ourselves on consumer transparency – not only when it comes to the dairy products we produce, but also regarding the cows, people and farming that are behind those products. It is with that philosophy in mind that we would like to inform our trusted consumers, visitors, and the public at large, that an animal activist organization infiltrated our farms. We believe they came to our farms not to share a fair and balanced view of animal welfare, but to specifically and misleadingly create animal cruelty videos. Although we strive for perfection, we are always on the lookout for flaws within our systems and we look forward to proactively reviewing these videos. With that said, we would like to reassure you of our core principles and commitments to animal welfare.

First, Fair Oaks Farms upholds the highest possible standards in animal care. We work hard to follow ALL of the protocols of the National Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program. We rigorously train and supervise all on-farm employees and managers. In fact, before employment commences, all incoming employees are trained on humane animal care practices on our dairies and contractually agree to a “See It, Say It” policy concerning animal abuse. We are aligned with animal rights activism groups everywhere when it comes to protecting animals from cruelty. Our organization was founded on the animal care principles and philosophies of our dairy veterinarian founder, Dr. Mike McCloskey.



Although we have complete confidence in our employees and animal welfare programs, no one person or organization is without flaws. It’s only through the belief and practice of continuous improvement that we can guarantee to you – our guest and consumer – that when any faults are found we take immediate actions to correct and learn from them. Fair Oaks Farms is recognized as a leader of innovative advances in the agriculture industry. It’s who we are; it’s in our DNA. We will always continue to strive to be better: better stewards of our land and animals, better neighbors, and better trusted sources of great nutrition.

When we opened our farms, we did so as an invitation to you and your family to have an open dialogue with farmers about where your food comes from. In having these conversations and receiving feedback, we’ve adopted better practices along the way. It is unfortunate that these types of activist organizations feel they are not welcome to join the conversation when in fact, the opposite is true. Our mission is to welcome ALL to the table to have conversations about how we are going to affordably feed the world through sustainable, humane, modern agriculture.

If and when any videos that depict alleged animal cruelty are released, we will take immediate and corrective action towards any employee who may be found abusing animals. This action will include, employee retraining, probation or termination and, if appropriate, legal action. We will also take any action, including legal, towards those who knowingly facilitate any misrepresentation of appropriate practices or procedures.

When we found out about this undercover operation, we immediately and voluntarily called for a third-party review of our animal welfare practices to assure ourselves – and you – that our dairies are compliant with the FARM program. Once this review is finished, we will gladly share their findings.

Transparency is fundamental to how we operate. As a family dairy farm organization, we have a 25-year legacy of responsible production and industry leadership. We deeply respect and appreciate our animals. Their care and safety are of the utmost importance to us and we will do everything in our power to never compromise that. At the same time, we hold dear the trust that you have placed in us and we will continue to advocate for transparency and continuous improvement on our farms and in our industry.

The Family Farmers of Fair Oaks Farms


  1. You are going to “retrain” someone that is abusing animals!! They need to be locked up. What? Did they not abuse them enough the first time. I have watched the discussing videos of your company and animal abuse. I pray you are doing something about it or you are shut down!!

  2. You have made one accomplishment. You have convinced me to become vegan. So far I have found vegan food delicious and the satisfaction of knowing I am NOT contributing to the abuse and slaughter of my animal friends is well worth the effort. I would love to see farms like yours shut down and more effort put into creating recipes and ways to put vegan meals in everyone’s home and vegan burgers on their grill. We would be a kinder, healthier nation. We have had dairy goats and chickens for years, enough milk and eggs to supply family and friends without the slaughter of even one animal. They have always been part of our family and treated like family. Animals are extremely intelligent and abusing them is like abusing your children. It needs to be stopped. It’s all about greed and money.

  3. There have been so many undercover videos released of practices in factory farms – it’s common knowledge of what you do. Some people choose to continue patronizing the industry and some don’t. I can guarantee there will be more video released from Fair Oaks and other factory farm dairies – you have my word on that. Sooner or later everyone will know and they can make the decision if they want to keep using the products. Simple as that.

  4. If you have nothing to worry about, and you believe in transparency, then why do you have to put out a warning? Seems to me if you had nothing to worry about, you would let every animal activist come into your farm at any given time and you wouldn’t have to worry about it. And other farmers who treat their animals with respect and integrity, they wouldn’t have to worry about anybody infiltrating their farm either if it’s done 100% of the time with respect . There’s no way that an operation as big as fair Oaks Farms has not had issues like this but have been swept under the rug, kept out of the newspaper, I highly doubt that a man sitting in California worries about what’s going on with newborn calves on a farm that makes millions and millions of dollars. He can throw around the idea that he is a veterinarian, but that does not make him sincere about how his animals are treated. If he knew anything, he would know that you cannot put people through a two or three week training on how do you have a good heart, and treat your animals with respect. This is something that is taught to those people when they are young… Cannot be learned from a seminar. Find people who care to take care of your animals if you believe in transparency.

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