Farm Credit East salutes the contributions of Northeast producers

In honor of National Ag Day on March 20, Farm Credit East salutes the contributions of Northeast producers. These farmers, commercial fishermen and forest products producers work hard every day to provide essential food and fiber products. Beyond the tangible benefits of their labor, here in the Northeast, these producers generate $12.6 billion in economic activity and support more than 150,000 jobs just at the farm, in the woods or at the dock.


But agriculture’s impact expands well beyond the farm, forests and waterways. Approximately 11 percent of total U.S. employment is in agricultural-related fields, and one in 12 American jobs is dependent on agriculture. These are the people working in ag-related support, processing and marketing activities. Expand Northeast agriculture’s impact to include these related fields, and 483,375 jobs are supported and $103.4 billion in economic activity is generated throughout the region, according to Farm Credit East’s Northeast Economic Engine report.

“The Northeast agriculture, commercial fishing and forest products industries are unrivaled in diversity and consumer focus,” said Bill Lipinski, Farm Credit East CEO. “This diverse product mix offers consumers an abundance of fresh, safe and local products year round.”

Additionally, the region’s major industries – dairy, greenhouse, nursery, vineyard, fruit, vegetable and others – operate more than 12 million acres, preserving open space and beautifying landscapes.

“These industries are important to rural and urban communities alike, as much of the related processing and marketing activities occur in urban areas, thereby creating jobs for residents,” Lipinski continued. “Our proximity to population centers also expands producers’ reach and offers urban consumers access to a fresh, safe, affordable food supply.”

To view the full report, Northeast Economic Engine, and for more information on the economic impact of Northeast agriculture, commercial fishing and forest products, visit