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2018 crop year data covers 2.8 million growers, 323 million planted acres

Farm Market iD released its annual farmer, crop and farmland database update on June 28, 2019, providing powerful insights from the 2018 crop year. This granular, field-level data mapped to farmers covers 95+ percent of U.S. farmers and crops to help agribusinesses understand and communicate with their market, including market and wallet share analysis.

Comparison of FMiD’s coverage to NASS for four major crops.

Insights gathered from the 2018 crop year data include:

• 2,867,449 active farmers (includes both owners and operators)

• 323,552,517 planted acres

• Average age is 63.1 years old

• Average Gross Farm Income is $168,368

• 64.3 percent have a phone number

• 49.9 percent have an email address

“Our customers require the most accurate and current insights to make decisions, and we are excited to help power their strategy, marketing and sales efforts and analyses,” says Steve Rao, Chief Executive Officer at Farm Market iD. “Successful agribusinesses must rely on rigorous market share and wallet share growth strategies as well as targeted marketing and sales communications, and we have the data to make that happen.”



The database covers more than 900 million acres of farmland—including 323 million acres of 2018 cropland and 34 million farm fields—to 2.8 million active farm owners and operators. It is collected from over 100 sources, including government data enhanced with consumer and business data, and covers 94.8 percent of soybean acres, 91.7 percent of field corn acres, 91.9 percent of wheat acres, and 100.0 percent of cotton acres in addition to more than 150 crops, including specialty crops. As the Farm Service Administration (FSA) no longer provides acres, crops or producer codes, no other company provides this information to the industry.

Comparison of FMiD’s coverage to NASS for four major crops.

Now that the update is complete, a third party will conduct a verified audit of the data.

For companies who want to use this data to gain more industry insights, visit


About Farm Market iD
Farm Market iD is the leading provider of farm and grower data to inform and improve agribusiness strategy, marketing and sales efforts. Our database covers more than 2.8 million active operations – including $311 billion spent on seed, crop protection, equipment and other products – and is the only source of field-level data connected to owners and operators. This data powers agribusiness web applications, end-to-end marketing services, licensing and list rental and custom data solutions.

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